Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Using virtual telephone numbers for personal privacy

Think about your home, or mobile telephone number. You give these numbers to so many people. Some you want to have your number; your family, close friends, people you want to reach you in an emergency (just for example). But, how many have your private number and you prefer they don’t? Or, you want to exercise greater control over when, and where people can call you. The situation is easy to see; you want your important people to reach you always, and those “less important” to reach when you want, or not at all. Does your traditional telephone company allow you to block certain calls, send all unwanted calls to voicemail, and without sending the wanted calls to voicemail? The answer is usually , NO! This is where virtual telephone numbers are great for personal security. Simply, the virtual telephone number subscriber gives those “less important” people their virtual telephone number. The “important” people are given the owners private telephone number. Your virtual telephone number is an extra telephone number, and rings on your home, mobile or business telephone. Most virtual telephone providers allow subscribers great control over the delivery of those calls from the virtual number. Control features usually include do not disturb (DND), call blocking of specific numbers, time control, and a host of other features not even possible with more traditional telephone providers. Further, is the ability to change your virtual telephone number each month. This is great for businesses that have changing contracts. You want phone calls to stop from expired contracts, and receive calls from new contracts. This is simple with virtual telephone, and less so with traditional services. If you had to change your telephone number frequently, think of all those important people who you would need to inform. With virtual telephone, you just change your virtual number, and it is just that simple. Your important people always have your private number, and you now can exercise control over those “less important”.

Virtual telephone becomes a very powerful feature if you have a small business. Particularly if you use your regular telephone. Being able to exercise control of just the business calls, and not personal calls is useful, and often good business practice. He geographic feature of virtual numbers allows the small business to have a telephone number in a location far from where you are located. And avoids long distance costs.
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