Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reducing mobile calling costs with virtual telephone numbers

In many countries, calling mobile telephones is more expensive than calling landline telephones. This can be a small cost, or quite large. The increased cost is due to many factors, profits and infrastructure are the big culprits. For many of us, the extra cost is just a nuisance, but for those of us who call mobile phones regularly, the cost is significant. It is not at all uncommon to pay 25 cents or more per minute, to reach mobile telephones. A little math quickly exposes a substantial drain to your business. For example, you have a repair business, or real estate business with several agents “in the field”. If you make 1000 minutes per month of calls to these mobile telephones, that translates to a cost of $250.00. By using a single virtual telephone number, and an interactive response menu, you can reduce these costs by about 90%. To begin with you need a virtual telephone number (that’s easy to get) that is connected to an interactive menu system (press 1 for Ann’s mobile, 2 for Evan, and 3 for Robert, etc.). Then each of these mobile telephones needs to be connected to the system, using the data portion of your mobile telephone. The data connection is a much cheaper way to receive calls. Now when you need to reach your agent in the field, you first call the virtual telephone number. This is a “regular call”, and does not incur the extra cost of calling the mobile. Next, you use the interactive system, and enter the number for that particular mobile, “press 3 for Robert”. Your call is connected to “Robert”, and you don’t pay the extra mobile charge.

The cost savings becomes really significant when you are calling internationally. In this example, you have a real estate business or other business with agents in more than one country. You are selling real estate in Australia, and have agents in the U.K. Rather than incurring the costs of calling either country; you use a virtual telephone number. You purchase an Australian virtual number, and set your agents in the U.K., and Canada, and Japan, or wherever into the system, and now everyone is a local call, no matter where they are located. Many virtual telephone companies are “flat rate”, meaning no per minute charges. So, you can call all you need, and the monthly bill is always the same. This can really add up to big savings if your business makes even a few calls to the same mobile telephones.

Setting up the interactive system is something that the service provider needs to do. So when choosing a virtual telephone number provider, make sure they offer this service, and enough personal customer support to understand and fulfill your needs. is an expert in virtual telephone services for business. Call or email us, We Love to Talk!! Reach us at: for more information.

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